Why Choose Us

We are a group of like-minded, vibrant and self-motivated individuals who have come together to create a culture of quality professional care for our patients and to provide continuous support, mentoring and CPD sessions for our team of professionals and support staff.

The ethos of the Dental Care Group is to provide quality professional care, attention and excellent customer service to all our patients. All members of our team have total commitment to excellence in dentistry and continuing professional development.

By educating our patients on dental health we empower them to make decisions which will impact on their overall well-being and therefore ultimately their smile. Our patients place their trust in us and this trust must be cherished and nurtured.

Every team member of the Dental Care Group is a member of “Our Family” and as such, we support each other, care about each other and treat everyone with respect.

We thank all of our patients and team members for supporting the Dental Care Group both in the past and also forward into a bright future.